Saturday, 23 April 2011


Love is a very emotive word and at the same times it's a very much overrated and abused word. We see Hollywood movies whereby people live and die almost within five minutes of each other supposedly based upon love, it makes good pictorial content but the ethics of same are as redundant as the people who created them. We see and hear the hypocritical words and deeds of religious people who "Kill" in the name of their beloved God, the God they try to tell us is full of love and compassion and greatness, but it sounds in reality more of worshiping the Devil because that's what he is supposed to do. We see families selling their children into slavery and prostitution, we see dictators who supposedly love their country until they get threatened by their own population for not taking care of them and not giving them their freedom then they suddenly turn and kill all those that they are supposedly looking after, such as in the Middle East and Africa. We see families from predominantly the Asian continent still ruling the roost on their own offspring to an extent if they break the mould they disown them or in some circumstances kill them, such is their pathetic love and their totally inhuman and wasted lives. We see robbers and murderers and rapists doing what they do for their own gain. We see Internet fraud and underhand banking deals by the major banks implemented deliberately with finance deals for sheer person gain and greed, and we see insurance companies issues insurance policies that make it almost impossible to claim for such is the small print restrictions, and so it goes on.

Love is both a simple and complex word, love for mankind is what the human race is based upon, for without it we are but droids or robots just living to live. We can't possibly love everyone or even large numbers of people even if we feel compassionate about them because our minds are just not physically capable of such. We can however feel very passionate about individuals or small groups predominantly family groups as we can because of the size and numbers empathise with what plight others might be going through, even if we can't fully grasp the enormity of it all or the exact degree of hurt or feeling involved. God has a bad name today because God is pure love in ANY religion - but religions are man made - i.e. there are bits added by man to the original books of God (regardless of who or what you believe), hence so many interpretations. Many people quote "nice" scriptural verses but they are by and large hypocritical in that whilst it sounds good and indeed often is, it's a statement about them and often covers up their own failures in life and their religion as a whole as opposed to being an expression of fact. God DOESN'T work for the vast amount of global believers because the bottom line is they really don't believe, they go through the motions, they say mostly correct things but the conduit to God is LOVE, and they just don't possess it. Many people hide behind God and say "He'll do this to you" or "God will punish you" or whatever but those are traits of hatred, and unless God told you personally that this or that will happen then you should keep your big mouth shut. Knowing verses about your religious books means nothing, a CD can hold all the knowledge accurately but it won't effect anything, it's what comes from the heart, and some religions suffer the biggest deprivations, repressions, failures, alienation, outmoded structures and debased societies, tyranny, authoritarianism, lack of freedom, etc, and this is not God's will, this is mans own evil deed, it has to be it's people controlling people, we all know who they are it's no big secret. People who defend their respective God(s) are usually those who have fear in their hearts and the fear is that nothing is happening to them that is good, God needs no defence, if He created the Universe then you are of no importance in getting upset about it as it will bring on fear and anger and that's not love. On average "atheists or agnostics" have a happier life than the religious people who forever talk about God and see no positive result, because it's their own fault. Indoctrination is the worst form of education, parrots can recite what they have been taught but haven't a clue what it means.

Love is also evident in our daily lives, something that is very close to us all, it's how we interact with life. We can as some do go around with "anger" in our hearts or we can transcend that (and no excuses why you can't) whilst others have a defined better stance on life even if they are going through trials of their own. Happy people are healthier, they receive more attention in life and people like to help happy people more than unhappy people, the reason being that unhappy people are usually more selfish and ungrateful and thus the reciprocation of love is not in evidence. The general goodness of people  abounds the world over, we all like to think we are "nice" people but in reality many are not. It's not that they are bad people but they have an attitude that is definitely not conducive to getting on well with others or even sharing conversations, unless it's all about them. Our attitude is the outward sign of whom we are, quick to smile, to help, to listen, to understand and not keep "oneself to oneself" as that is not communing with life and it's nothing to do with being shy or reticent it's purely an attitude stance. Loving yourself, which is not the same as having an narcissistic complex is also important because if you can't love yourself you find it difficult to love others and receive their love too. Love as an element in every area of our life enriches it, enhances it and promotes it, it's only when there is an absence of it that one finds a void within that can't be quenched by any other means. It's this void which strikes hard and causes depression, anxiety, desperation and all the negative traits that give rise to unrest and lack of purpose, just surviving isn't a life.

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