Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Within the corporate stratosphere of ideology and "smart" thoughts there are companies that are making headway, companies that just strive to do better and companies that literally evolve within their own surroundings by design and not like so many companies by default, for which there is a great difference. Of course there isn't a rule of thumb nor is there a yardstick as to what is correct and what isn't, industries vary just so much and the type and style of employee varies enormously, even between product divisions of the same group company and international locations too. What works for some companies and what they boast about can for others almost be the "kiss of death" so we have always to look at the bigger picture even if aspects of governance, methodology and hierarchical structures could well be revised and modified. Structures are just that and one can see with glaring reality the Middle East and the Arab world in general the evolutionary effects that are taking shape from within (although not always wholesome), so it's not just corporations that change it's everything we come into contact with including family structures too.

In life there are those that have abilities to work upon others ideas, develop, enhance, add to, etc, and there are those who just carry out and implement such, and then there are those who at any level have an intuitive ability to 'see' beyond now and allow their focus inherently to give perspectives of life and structures that have profound effects. Some of these "intuitive" people are relatively lowly in terms of hierarchical company organisations and have never utilised their gifts in their lives, whilst there are those who have Honour Degrees in a whole manner of "corporate strategies" and all the ramifications that goes with them and have very low "intuitive abilities" they can really only fire on a high octane fuel delivered by others, that's when they best come into their own - mostly. Where many companies go wrong is that the "need to be seen to be strong and positive" from the top which overwhelms what's going on at the bottom, and then there is always a dichotomy of "us and them". Human Resources coldly say " we are an equal opportunity employer, etc" and all that stuff  and make sure that people quotas are adhered to and that ageism and sexism and whatever aren't issues, etc and suddenly the company becomes bland, dull, pathetic and dictated to by outside sources and not by conditions and circumstances and real opportunities from those that avail themselves from such.

However, it's the bigger picture that matters the most for microcosms have a life architecture of their own and can be dealt with accordingly, the bigger picture has always far reaching implications and it holds the very key as to how both people and the companies move forward. It takes a small pin to bust that proverbial big balloon and similarly it takes very little today in viral terms to spread discontent, unrest, and indeed underhand truths about companies and people from leaked documents etc. Most good ideas stem from very few, even if those "very few" exist mainly in "ideas units" which recommend or devise ways forward. The vast majority of "intuitively thinking people" are just "out there" and will rarely make any contact with any company because of the ever increasing array of "gate keepers" who haven't any ability to "see" what such intuitives have to offer. Most of the successes of intuitives comes literally from "chance" meetings with people who can and do make a difference even if it's based upon others thoughts and strategies. It's the "chance" coming together with people especially in the level of work and product areas they have feelings for that make a great difference. Many people at board level are good businessmen but have myopia as well as a penchant for personal greed wanting to receive as much personal finance as they can just in case the bubble bursts.

The is always a vastness of opportunity in the world for anyone who wishes to tap into it, in fact the vastness is beyond our comprehension for that's only based upon what we know or consider and not the incredibly amount of situations that are there which we don't have a clue about as our knowledge in such areas is yet to be learned. For those with vision the price to be paid for such is exceedingly high, someone somewhere is always seeking an answer, a better way, a radical plan, a new beginning, life for many people and organisations is changing to such an extent that evolution is speeding up which means more ends and more beginnings. It's the new beginnings that need radical thought for without which a version of the old is tantamount to failure before its started, and strong leadership is needed to rally and take the general populous forward, something lacking in the Middle East and sadly elsewhere at this present time, and for example an Arab psyche isn't generally the best for country leadership in a democratic world, it goes against their upbringing and staid old principles.

Organic visions always produce stability, anything else needs a forced enactment to keep it on track otherwise it would falter under its own weight of bureaucracy. Most companies that go to the wall do so because of bad management where finance becomes the biggest single entity and the product becomes almost an adjunct the to board room games played out between themselves and the banks. It's not until at times some companies become insolvent that they begin a re-birth free from the dull pathetic directors who clung onto  the old ways and the advent weak new ones in desperate chance hope of making the grade. Organic vision need entrepreneurs to lead the game, businessmen can do business but in today's environment the style and thought process has changed radically from those of years gone by unfortunately many businessmen haven't. There is a dearth of "public Speakers" and "Corporate Organisations"  advertising their knowledge to turn your company or indeed yourself from where you are now into something amazingly grand, sadly even though they have interesting things to say and back their rhetoric with data sheets by the million if you haven't got that "wow" factor you just end up being more knowledgeable than before and still don't get anywhere. It's the difference between a two people looking into a fridge, one sees food the foodie sees lots of meal potentials. If you aren't the foodie type then you ain't got it.  

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