Thursday, 7 April 2011


All through life there are those that do and those that don't, some have relative grandeur thrust upon them for doing little, they just have happen to be in the right place at the right time, others perhaps who have solid and worthy credentials often find the going tough, to say the least, but that's the way it is. There are industries such as the media, fashion, sports, entertainment and such like that have an army of people whose sole responsibility it is to "milk" the potential out of what their clients do, and why not, we all like to get the best from our actions in life. Even multi-national companies try to enhance their remit or stance in life with PR as do politicians. The slightest hint however of a misdemeanor or indiscretion and the vultures are hovering around for a story even if at the end of the day they are wildly economical with the truth and have to run with a rumour, it's often enough to ignite something even if it isn't true, but hey, we are not talking morals here so it's understandable. The "Stock Exchange is based upon rumours about a company whether true or not and 'a run' on a companies stocks are affected globally just on heresay. We even do our own PR by dressing according to how we think we can impress unless of course we don't care, but then that shows too, our actions do have consequences sometimes even to our total detriment. Our attitude yet again plays a vital role in how we move forward and how we communicate in an "effective" way with others as opposed to "just being nice", there is a difference. Our mind talk affects our "attitude" and how we accept the pitfalls and move on or become maudlin and purposefully reticent in further moves is down to us. If we can't laugh at past mistakes then we become useless to ourselves, especially if we relive the bad moments every time we think of them, it means we never let go. If we never let go we never move forward, we can't, we can't climb the ladder if we don't lift and move our feet from the rungs below, we have physically got to do it, not just agree with the notion in our minds.

Those that generate their own charisma, those that take ownership of their life are those that by and large enjoy what they have even if it's not ideal. Those that forever read about others plights or successes or try to follow others other than on a mere informatory note end up with little if not nothing else in life but a gleaned series of stories, nothing more. It's nice to be in the company of successful people, and those that just are at ease with themselves come what may and those that don't feel the need to demonstrate who or what they are as it just exudes from them all around. Whereas the followers always seem to have something to prove or a need to latch on to someone or pick up from someone their 'sparkle' or even worse have a dichotomy of thoughts wanting to be associated with success but at the same time having negative and possible embittered thoughts about the whole thing - unfortunately not uncommon! What we most fear is what controls us, it's what we dwell upon and what we forever regurgitate in our minds and possibly writings too. Those that "don't have" are the most vociferous in the "life's unfair games", holding grudges, always seeing that the 'other man's grass is always greener', always making excuses why others can do it but they can't, and of course no one wants to know because it's just so boring. If you can't say anything nice at all, then shut up, it doesn't do you any good and it places others away from you - if you hadn't found that out already. We are a product of what we say and do, and after a while that product subsumes us and then we become bland and 'old hat', even old products need updating.

We can't afford to live in the 'slipstream' of anyone or anything we have to be us, and that doesn't mean we have to be arrogant or anything else. If some people don't like us that's fine, because we don't like everyone either, and if we come across people time and time again who really don't like us then it says a lot about us more than it does about them. But there are people who will like us and there are those who will love us too, even if we are a bit of an "odd ball", there are plenty of "odd balls" out there seeking other "odd balls", but if you never look then they definitely won't come a knocking on your door, you'll die waiting. You only get out of life what effort you put in, and effort is pertinent effort not necessarily hard work, there is a difference, and all effort must be met with a smile not as a chore, if it's a chore then it really says that your current 'attitude' stinks like mega-time. Life is really "sensitive" to attitude stances, so it pays to be positive even if you feel you want to burst into tears, being positive is the only thing that will keep your ship afloat. Many "social sites" that we belong to and feel are "us" we still need to be ourselves even though any community spirit which we get from those sites may enhance our school of thought. We are just great being who we are, lets make it work for us and not let it be a hindrance, let's do what we can and then we will be who we really are.

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