Wednesday, 20 April 2011


We read many stories today about the endeavours of others and what they have gone through and how they are now. We see documentaries and news reports of the plight of others and often the miraculous stories that have abounded in coming through with shining colours, and there again we see some who for whatever reason are completely on their own, no help, nothing and yet through their own sheer dexterity they pull through. There is no accounting for what some have to put up with and why some seemingly glide through life without hardly being touched by the brusqueness of life. What we don't see or become privy to are the thousands of people who quietly travail life living at times a degree of "hell on earth", it matters not what it is, nor do we need to compare what's what, the bottom line is whatever we have to go through or endure is very real to us, whether it's worse or not as bad as anyone else's plight, it's still so very real for us. We live in our minds, that's where home is, it's where we make our assessment of life and where we find the courage or lack of it to go forward. Whoever is around us or whatever our circumstances may be, our minds are where it all comes together and our life thus revolves around the resultant thoughts that we eventually come up with. Logic and creativity go hand in hand, logic will get us from A to B, creativity will get us everywhere,so we need to tread a fine line between both so that we can enjoy the best way forward utilising proven routes but not hemming ourselves in because of such either. Stupidity is in a category all of its own and that has the most profound effects upon how we venture forward, our happiness and the the enjoyment and camaraderie of life itself.

Isolation and abandonment can actually start in your own home, it starts statistically in many Asian homes in that way, narrow doctrines, religious bigotry, staid ideas of the past, lack of global knowledge, lack of education, local ego problems, lack of self esteem, inbred fear, etc, etc, and it can start with exactly the same credentials in any other country too including the West. Sexual abuse, violence, drugs, religious extremism, repression, control, not only hinders the growth of  children but can alter their mentality for life. Where in India 600,000 little girls go missing every year, where similar little girls in the Middle East are married off time and time again by unscrupulous two faced Imams for sheer greed (many of whom are in prison now), in Africa the slave trade is still ripe and exists well today, in the Far East little girls and some boys are sold for prostitution, this is the summary of a caring world. And for many women in Islamic countries they are but an "owned" property covered head to toe away from the rest of society never to be able to think or do for themselves for fear of being beaten or bullied. For these Isolation and Abandonment is the only thing they know for many never grow up to ever receive a family of their own or are forced into motherhood as a male right nothing more, they are the forgotten population that just gets by until death by some aspect of life often greatly undignified and destitute. But everything is relative and that doesn't mean one situation is worse than another, even in more civilised societies the feeling that one is out on a limb because those around either don't understand or don't want to is also very real, and it matters not where one is, as it's all in the mind where the battle takes place. We carry around us our troubles, our past and our future, how we react to all those and what we do tomorrow is already being computed and constantly updated even if it's all negative.

How we feed our minds and how we view life, our perceptions of it and our thoughts about whom we are emanate from within our little grey cells,  what others think and say is of little importance as they too are showing the results of their own computations from within and even those who we "think" we need to respect can deep down be so way off the mark. Common sense doesn't automatically equate to education and vice versa, there are so many variables that can if we allow throw us off course and if we are not careful we can take advice from others that whilst sounding good is also shallow, debased and pathetic as well as being totally wrong. Being wrong includes, leaders, prime ministers, statesmen and most definitely religious leaders who are the last people on the planet anyone must trust when it comes to forward planning, vision, humanity, and global welfare, they all fail in this category, in fact are divisive to the point of narrow selfishness. All repressive countries are religiously controlled, there are no other exceptions anywhere on the planet, and none are stable either, not one. Isolation and Abandonment doesn't just happen it's created, and some societies create their own under the auspices of religion, but it's the last thing that God would want, unless you muddle up God with the Devil which many do to suite themselves. There are always solutions, but one must be honest and truthful to make it work, not speak with a forked tongue or be two faced, the solutions are not difficult, it's just people that get in the way.

The recent "uprising" in the Yemen with for the first time women taking a stand against outmoded practises that are neither religious nor legal nor ethical, they are just traditional and subservient, which is why the Yemen is so backward. Yet to see these women hundreds of them all looking like robots dressed head to toe in black, no face, no emotion, no character, nothing all hidden from view because of male oppression and selfishly outmoded idealistic practises. This is modern Abandonment and Isolation perpetrated by those who want it all for themselves, yet it's this dichotomy of life that's holding back development in every area of life that these women for the main are being wasted and denied a life that they have been given. Isolation And  Abandonment still exists in today's society it's not God's world it's partly upheld by religious leaders who are not representing God they are in it for themselves and thus will be rewarded for such. Closer to home even in our own society and major corporations there are those that are ostracised, held back, ring fenced and shunned because of traits that don't hold well with the general populous for one reason or another, and whilst it's imperative that one's "face fits" otherwise disharmony ensues more careful addressing of people is needed to make sure pure rhetoric isn't but a face for the ineptitude of management.

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