Sunday, 3 April 2011


From the day we are born to the day we die we have an abundance of relationships with life, life being our environment, people, circumstances, ourselves, our future, our thoughts and feelings and anything else we want to throw into the pot. If we are religious then we have an ethereal relationship also which can have a profound effect upon how we move forward and our stability. It's how we manage those relationships that makes us who we are and gives us the ability to enjoy and understand life. So many people get bogged down in the minutia of life that they never see the bigger picture thus they have no where to go nor to steer to so they just revolve around in a deja vu scenario getting more listless, apathetic and dull and fuelling their negative emotions in the process. Once we allow any degree of negativity to take a predominant part in our thought process all hope flies out of the window and we become jaundiced, tetchy, acerbic, bitchy, irritable, grumpy, disgruntled and all the other pathetic stuff one does to try and feel smart, but of course it's far from smart it's futile and debased. Successful people try to get on with everyone, they make an effort even if they have to force a smile, but they do because they know it really does help both in their own way forward and as a conduit to meeting other people en-route in life that will help them and possibly make new friends in the process. It's not rocket science, it's more of balancing the ego and self determined mind blocks that many put up which hinders their way forward. After all everything we do no matter what starts with a thought in our mind, even if we steal that thought from elsewhere, it's generation of action is what we do ourselves, no one else.

Women's magazines are crammed full of peoples relationship problems, pages in newspapers have an "Agony Aunt" column answering such questions, and there are the "on-line" variety that provide more hyped up commercial smut guaranteed to almost rivet you to your seat as they unravel tawdry events that one hardly new existed or even could exist. The more we become "voyeurs" in life the less significant we become, our morals, ideals, potential fades away into insignificance and our relationship with life becomes infiltrated with other people's ideas and what we have read from the pre-manufactured garbage that we call 'light entertainment'. More people are becoming more confused over the simplest of things, even the basic stance of just living. Minds clouded with degenerate thoughts of what some screwed up celebrity did, or what someone else did none of which has anything to do whatsoever with the reader, even if the situations ran on a parallel course. How we commune with life is essential, it doesn't matter "what our lot is" or how we think of ourselves which could range from illusions of grandeur to gross insecurity and lacking in self esteem, it's often only what we think as opposed to what we know, and their lies a massive difference. What we know is what's going to work, what we think already smacks of endless possibilities of failure. Understanding our life relationship can at times bring to the fore stark realities of where we literally are which can at times be disconcerting, however, understanding that is also liberating too for it gives us a knowledge and strength to change it all. Change can only take place when credentials and circumstances are right and more often than not it's never when we want them, but by diligent thought it does happen, with passive thought you just delude yourself.

We are all different, our attitudes and aptitudes makes us who we are, most of us are definitely not that "one size fits all" type that self help books think they can teach us to be, they can't. We know deeply what we should do but at times it's very difficult indeed to do, however that doesn't mean at all that there are not other and far more palatable options, because there are, and we need to seek them out. Being positive is the very secret to gaining ground, the merest hint of scepticism is like putting sugar on your bacon or salt on your ice cream, it just takes the edge off what you are trying to do, even if the flavour appears interesting. We need to feel as comfortable as possible about who we are and what's around us, even if we are a few pounds overweight or not doing what we want, those are little things in the bigger picture. If we forever dwell on the little things we miss all the bigger things and then all the opportunities and escape routes will zoom past us to those who are more receptive. We need to commune and have a good relationship with life no matter how much more effort we need to put into it than some others might. If a relationship goes sour, and they do for whatever reason, even because of the silliest of things, move on, never dwell on the past. Everything in life has a time scale, a day, month, year, 10 years, etc, the future lies ahead not behind, crying over 'spilt milk' won't clear the mess up.

Every relationship we have be it buying from the store to a new car to meeting strangers in a work environment means we need to use both inherent skills, intuitive skills, a LOT of common sense which seems to be lacking in many, we have to swallow our pride if our contacts don't meet up to our expectations and just get on with being successful and not be a smart Alec that ends up doing nothing and achieving nothing. Our personal relationships need to be tethered between free will and lots of "give and take", and how we make any relationship work is purely down to us, even if at the end we have had enough because our partner just doesn't give an inch, but then why did we enter into such an unknowlegeable realtionship because we thought it would all change? Being moody is confing your relationship within yourself, it's selfish, self centred and shows that one can't trust the other person implicitly as there are always selfish conditions to be applied in order to make them happy - ignore them - their selfishness is not your problem. The end of the day we want to be happy, the best and easiest way possible, make it so. If someone is a relgious fanatic also stay clear they are the devil in disguise.

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