Thursday 10 March 2011


With upheavals in the Middle East and millions of Arabs seeking freedom, whatever that is for them, so used to being governed and working and moaning within staid infrastructures that they are not quite sure what they do want, although many are sure what they don't want. Years of oppressive religious bias governed by just a few and so it goes on, freedom is more of a concept than a way of life. But for those who feel oppressed for no other reason than than life isn't treating them well or that they are stuck in a time warp of situational fixation it's a totally different ball game. We can all at times when things "apparently" seem to be going well get stuck in a rut of "what now" and "everything's all right but there is something missing" and it's more often than not caused by our own actions and doings. Situations and circumstances are what they are, they can be changed in a flash or be almost etched in stone for the foreseeable future, either way we have the ability to work around them, alter them, change where we are , change what we do or any number of other permutations. Many of us however don't like this route or this idea as it quite often means drastic action that we are not prepared to take preferring to intellectualise or throw endless amounts of conjecture into the foray, but never the less it's us that has to move and shake to make effective headway. We are in charge of our lives regardless of circumstances and responsibilities, it's just us that we have to come to terms with, no one else, we are the biggest problem that we will ever have to face, all of our reasoning is within our minds.

Most people strive to do well, some seemingly with little ability forge ahead whereas others with learned  and inherent skills are almost left on the touch line of life just looking on, it's the way it is, although even within the latter sphere there are permutations for elevation and forward passage. The psychology of living isn't that difficult, we do most things with relative ease as it's just a natural act or stance from our part, it's the mental cloudiness that many face and seem to have difficulties in overcoming. The self created "conditions" that until they were given a name people got on with, now even the most subtle of tasks is almost a stress related feat of dexterity, and where once one would say "I'm busy" it's "I'm stressed out because of my work", everything is relative. What we say in life is a reflection of whom we are, if we keep on saying things in a dull tone of voice and it's predominantly negative then we will create a "wallpaper" effect of lowness and then that will be our self designed pattern, it will become our backdrop of life and we will literally incorporate whatever we do or say, good or bad into a stereotyped thought that will mould and shape our way forward within our daily life. We all know people who are forever ebullient and fun regardless and we know the opposite too, the latter we need to be in the right mood to listen to otherwise it becomes a toil and something that isn't conducive to uplifting the soul.

We do have great choices, it's often the motivation that is lacking even though the end result is to be in our favour, but if we don't push ourselves then neither motivation nor breakthroughs nor change will ever take place. We will be dragged on by life itself in the default lane and then at end up in a place where we didn't want to be in which is very common. Everyone has a character of some sort and it manifests itself or highlights itself predominantly in certain areas, conviviality, friendliness, easily communes with others and life, always smiles, helpful, knowledgeable and readily imparts it to others, etc, many have characters that are almost dormant and only shine when the need is there, in other words it's all subjective and controlled, in between they are probably dull, and that has a negative side. We need others in order to move forward, it's how we progress and who we know that is going to help us forge ahead, at the same time those that help us also receive an elevation from what has been imparted en-route, nothing happens ever in isolation. Whatever our aims or objectives are in life, it's down to us, forming a negative cloud to make it seem more palatable and less trying isn't part of the picture. Only by looking at the positive regardless of circumstances can we ever see the glints of blue sky in the grey clouds, sitting under the clouds we miss everything.

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