Monday 28 March 2011


There's no doubt about it that the age of the blog has arrived and it's so easy via YouTube to get your voice posted to possibly billions of people in just a matter of minutes together with your own face speaking your words of wisdom, or whatever it happens to be. There's nothing wrong with the written word in itself but the Pic n' text stance actually goes one step beyond. What seems to be in all the social sites and they are springing up like weeds in the garden all claiming to help your love life, the people you like, the business you need and all the rest, which of course is a load of old toddle. It's not that any of these things won't happen, it's just highly unlikely even the world's top dating site states that 3% is tops for success, on business sites, at least the one's I've been on it's almost like a "prostitutes convention" everyone offering everything you need at a price for "that" success and sending it to you unsolicited, getting emails every day on webinars, seminars, on line courses and the rest all leading to success, and when you see who is putting them out one wonders what went wrong with them?  If they were that good it would have been another "Facebook" / "Google"  story, but those two scenarios are just fantasy in respect to these "let's make as much money from the social Internet punters" as possible. Even on my scant Facebook list, and it is scant I'm more than ever reducing the list of contacts on my Facebook account as I'm getting people posting clips from a whole range of places such as "inspirational speakers", "hints and tips on this n that", videos on outward thinking, quotes from this person and that person, but it still appears that all the people posting this stuff do nothing themselves they seem so impotent when it comes to original content of their own, and after a while I quietly "unfriend" them, they are no wiser and I move on. The last thing I want is a "holding page" for other people's lack and their second hand inspired stories, if they can't do it themselves then what do I want it all for. There are a lot of bubbly dull people out there peddling continually other people's stuff because it excites them and not because it will do someone else a good turn, even if it at times perhaps does. It's almost as others get a "buzz or high" from other people's works yet fall down on themselves, which not what it should be like.

The age of "I've got the answer" - at a price - (fair enough) is genuinely here, even if the pundits don't have a real answer, they have some sort of an answer but it's like looking into a bowl of MandM's, lots there, lots of colours but basically they are all the same, all sorted to look and taste in a uniform way which is not how life should be nor what we crave for to enjoy life anyway. Such Internet offers predominately appeal to the "wannabes" those that don't have a clue but aspire to fame and fortune, the real entrepreneurs left a long time ago or more likely never even joined. Even the Evangelical websites which I occasionally trawl through are all versions of McDonald's carefully manicured, laid out, shop at the ready, credit card friendly, nicely presented and yes the "Miracle" is yours just for $24 for the DVD boxed set and another one at $14 (on special) and another $30 (with special gift) and another $15 ( bargain price) and so it goes on. It's again not that they are wrong but after a while they develop a "religious" context which is what they were originally against, bit like writing the 10 commandment's their own way, like Catholicism adding bits as they go along, which is dangerous stuff.  Of course the bottom line is that we need to make money, and there's nothing wrong with that, after all if we can't it won't just fly into our bank accounts - unfortunately. But our discernment is our only guide to being prudent and proper with our funds and also not waste our time and get frustrated and cross at the same time by being perpetually disappointed. If we don't have a degree of self charisma then we are forever going to be at a loss. And if you go around thinking that there is a "secret" or a "special trick" to doing something then you must be mad. There are tried and tested ways in every profession and area of life which are worthy of knowing, they don't always work but do in many cases improve your chances of making the grade, but they are not secrets. However if you are trying to run your business in your profession and don't have this understanding then there is something wrong with you, most good business people have an inherent "feel" for or natural aptitude or something similar.

But what is our forte in life, what are we (am I) good at, what do we do that is of interest in that others may find what we have to say interesting? Of course we can't please everyone all the time and what we have to say is to some great and others nothing in particular, we can't be a "one size fits all", we as individuals have our own likes and dislikes. We have our own point of view and for some they are permanently entrenched in a degree of narrowness that no matter what you say they will argue the toss. If they haven't money they will moan and if they come into funds they will moan just as much as their ego and arrogance is that they have a "chip" on their shoulders which they carry through life and thus everything is always an uphill struggle, but we don't bother with them we have something better to deal with - our life. It's important to commune with as many "like minded souls" in life as possible and just associate with the rest on a general level, otherwise we will never quench that inner feeling of being part of the human race and that eternal "I'm not understood" aspect, which is our own fault if that's the case. But communing with a "like minded soul" isn't just the answer, it's selecting those that think, feel and laugh on our wavelength more than just understand that is going to meld the inner turmoil and allow you to be who you are, whatever that is.

Everyone has a story, most are boring sadly even if true and worthy in content, what most people do resonate to is diligence, fight, determination, striving, having a genuine go at something, positivity, lightness, upliftment, easily laughs, no excuses, etc. All too often the story one hears is about "what I've had to go through", "my fight", etc, which again is all very well and good but it can be depressing for others who are fighting their own battle and literally trying their best to make hay way in getting it all done no matter how small that may be. Even one step is commendable, the history lessons are for later when they can be appreciated at length. It's one thing to 'empathise' with others in a similar position but it doesn't move you forward, you still have that to do yourself, and the trouble with 'empathising' with similar souls is that it can produce a smugness deep down that arrests further development based on the thinking "I'm not alone", well you are in what you do for no one else can do it for you.

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