Monday 21 March 2011


Everyone goes through ups and downs in life, it's the way it is, some fair better than others, but that's the way it is also. However at times in life we go through bouts where life seems to drag, and although things may not necessarily go wrong they don't go right either, and that causes us to at times to fall into a mild depressed mode whereby the lustre of life forever seems tarnished and we just can't get any resolution as to what we are seeking. It's almost as we are treading water yet at the same time we are mindful that time is ticking by and we feel we need to either accomplish more than we have or be further forward than we are and that prospect seems daunting. It's at these times when the mind delves into a "Social Depression" that we become more aware ironically of others traits and habits and what's around us, although we may at times also appear a little distant too. The constant churning of our 'lack' takes us into a place where essential elements of thought and mind topics fade somewhat and we can lose our sense of humour, become a little irritable with others, lose interest, become bored very easily, lose spontaneity, go off food (or eat more) or even stop going out, become tired all the time, and start to feel grumpy about friends and family and how they think of us, thinking we need to be respected better than we are, and so it goes on. It varies from person to person and situation to situation, but the elements are all quite the same. We all have a number of faces and a number of appearances in life, we have one for our family, one for one group of friends and another for another group of friends and maybe another for those we work with and perhaps another for those we play sports with or our hobby, etc, and we share often different types of information with them all knowing that what we have said will stay within each respective circle. It's nothing new it's how life is and it's how we literally keep our cool and how we are live in many cases especially in areas where society can be narrow minded, religiously backward and intolerant old, pathetic and closed in staid traditional  thought.

Relationships can suffer with "Social Depression" and so can personal development even if in between there are bouts of excitement they soon dissipate and reset themselves as they were before. It's only until resolution of our current thinking can be accomplished that we can make headway and return to how we should be. The irony of this is that because we are feeling low it's even more difficult to see and feel our way forward as the overwhelming thought prevailing hinders our progress, almost a Catch22 situation.  Many people experience Social Depression for years and not really know it, they constantly feel "under par" or develop very mild "flu like" symptoms, sniffing, little coughs, rashes, itching, twitching, mild stomach problems, etc, that are all psychosomatic and it has a negative effect on the immune system. Anything negative reduces the immune system, anything of a goodly nature strengthens it. Mild depression is of our own doing, nothing to do with clinical depression, it's how we 'see life' and if we find no resolution or everything appears beyond our ability to rectify or overcome or change we go into a regressive mode and then just about all around us is out of kilter and small things loom large and large things we try and shrug off. Our ability to reason is lowered, our ability to think coherently is reduced and we constantly look forward to holidays or weekends or something to kid ourselves that a long rest will help, it may make us feel better but it doesn't change our mind set to the degree that we can now face life with a brighter outlook, our inner mind workings need to be changed for that to happen.

Our environment has something to do with "Social Depression" especially if we are not the most imaginative person on the planet when it comes to enjoying life. Religions are usually the "kiss of death" in that God may provide self support in our personal belief, but in changing our environment it's down to us God will not do that for us as we have "free will" hence some societies are always backward waiting for God to make his move, well he won't, it's down to you. Families should be supportive but if they are narrow and frightened and insular they just make matters worse, even if they are of a kindly nature. Friends should help after all if they don't "what the hell" are you doing with those people around you. If you are living a double life just to fit in (because you have another side to you) which it not uncommon especially in religious countries where God should help you but ironically it's the opposite, then life is a different ball game altogether. We are entitled to a free life, who has the right to tell us what to do or be, no one is an expert in life even if some are better at it than others, what we create for ourselves is precious as we only walk this pathway once and so should not be put off by the insularity or more aptly stupidity of others. It's easy for some to stand and be counted and for others it's almost a step too far as they get tied up in the world of "what others think", and for 99% of those who ever come into contact with us they have no bearing upon our life whatsoever, even if they are fun to be with. If you can't stand for yourself then no one else can.

The good news is that "Social Depression" is totally curable, it doesn't require therapy and all the stuff you didn't know existed or hadn't thought of or was suggested to you being brought up because some book or other says so, nor does it require tablets or any other medication. We are our own cure, except for those who admonish personal responsibility and would rather have a tablet or a placebo to give them that extra help they so sadly lack themselves. But for the majority of people who go through a "down spell" they come out of it even stronger smelling of roses or perhaps Chanel No5 if you prefer. Life as always is what you make it, there are no "secrets" nor "talking to the Universe" nor anything cranky nor  anything else, if you decide to change it's almost 'job done'. Our attitude is just so important in life, keeping it positive is like maintaining your car, frequent maintenance means it's less chance of breaking down. How we run our lives is totally down to us, even if we have considerations of others on our minds, the bottom line however is do we run our lives or follow others and moan about it. Love should set us free, families should be happy that we are happy even if we do things that they don't like or understand, but many don't because love isn't that strong, and if religious then it's all going too far, God doesn't help anyone who doesn't have a love conduit. "Social Depression" is but a state of mind, who runs your mind you or others, there lies the answer to much of life's problems and answers.

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