Friday 28 January 2011


Our degrees of observance varies enormously, it depends upon our level of intelligence, our thought process, our attitude towards life, who we are as a person, what we are looking for - if anything, how we are 'hard wired' mentally, and our feelings towards life itself and those in it. It's not so much our ability to memorise what we have seen and where it is more so what we have made of it, as that deduction there and then does have some relevance in how we assess any situation. Some people are by nature very observant and can pick out the most minute details such is their ability to "see" what is in eye's view, whereas others just "see" objects and don't record such as they deem them insignificant to the purpose of just viewing. Our ability to "see" patterns or detail varies also, those who are numerate can possible look at a "balance sheet" and within seconds see patterns of cash flow and repeated expenditures and such like, whereas to most other people they just stare and see rows upon rows of figures. Those who are fashion conscious can spot an item a mile away so tuned is their mind to style, makes, brands, couturier, and to originality in display which may have the most minute detail or stitching that most would overlook. It's all horses for courses in the detail of aspects of life. Police forensics look at a whole manner of details such is their trained eye at trying to piece together the smallest of clues and form a coherent picture that tells more than its constituent parts. The act of observation includes our ability to "see" beyond the physical, we all have an intuitive side whether we use it or not is something else, most people don't even though subliminally say "I don't feel this is very good" or "I don't like the feel of this" or whatever it may be.

Creative people are usually quite observant in their daily life, sometimes lacking in common sense but never the less observant. Interestingly enough mean and selfish people can be quite observant too, always seeking out what others have and making comparisons, generous people are at times way out at the other end of the spectrum not noticing events of things but never the less always benevolent towards those less well off for whatever reason once informed. Our perceptions of these people and how they think throws us into a spin at times making us feel the mean are clever and the generous are not whilst the opposite is often true. In between these two extremes resides everyone else, all of whom are different in how they think and feel and all of whom have different agendas in life and takes on life and have emotional perspectives that vary from the gross negative to the elated positive. Each of these categories and those in between observe parts of life by default, whether at work, play, home or dashing in between any of them, what we physically notice and what just passes us by as wallpaper can be just so different. Our interests in life at times dictate what we see, and our mental awareness can be 'turned on' by others such as someone saying "I think I'm going to get a new car, a red one this time", then suddenly one notices red cars whereas before it wasn't something of an aspect that one took any notice of at all, cars were just cars. If we are "stressed out" then our mind starts to think in an introverted way, then we miss much of what is around us unless it almost shouts out to us.

Our ability to differentiate and observe can makes us at times at loggerheads with those less observant as it destabilises them in that they feel that others are for some reason going overboard in what they see or hear or understand in their computation of situations and possible extrapolation of potentials, etc. Whereas those that don't see often just plod on with the facts as they know or see them until they are satisfied that they can confidently move on or proceed. Being super observant can at times isolate you from the hum drum of thoughts that those around you have, although most people get used to the way they are and it thus becomes a way of life more than something to get uptight about. Seeing detail around you can place you one jump ahead of others provided you don't constantly jump to conclusions especially in a work based situation as you will have to substantiate it. Elsewhere you will be able to "do as you please" knowing your overall success rate at being intuitive or deductive or even both and thus take the risk or gamble on proceeding with such thoughts, this you may find quite exhilarating and be comfortable with, others not so even though they know you have that ability, for them they need to see proof to command that degree of security in making a next move. Understanding yourself and others is crucial to forming a degree of on going harmony and not isolating yourself by being too vocal about what you see or understand unless it's expedient. At least you 'know' and that should be enough to satisfy your abilities, those who don't know will just go around the block until thy do or give up as it doesn't mean that much to them anyway.

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