Friday, 10 December 2010


Many people come across the "Now What" factor in their lives because they are somewhat insular in their thoughts and the way they think. It's nothing to do with personality or being good or bad but just the way many tend to assimilate their own visions and the way forward. We are not expected to be "clairvoyants or far seers" or anything else but so many people set themselves on a single point of hope or expectation and when it arrives, that's it, it's all over, or if it doesn't materialise they are bereft of what else to do and then everything seems flat and there is a lack of purpose that follows. It's this interregnum of current 'nothingness' that many find daunting and can't seem to get to grips with. This phenomenon can happen even within large companies where aspirations of ever getting higher appear overpowering, and similarly even individuals leading their own lives at times think that in order to achieve something of value, whatever that is, is beyond their comprehension and though process. It's all to do with the ongoing "Now What" factor that leaves so many out on a limb and mentally low. Even with outstanding abilities and creativity, our 'monomindedness' can be the downfall in where we see ourselves going and at times we can be our own worst enemies. Help in the form of "cheer up" conversations from friends and others more often than not makes matters ten times worse as they are quite useless in their prognosis of your own thought complex and as such all conversations fall on deaf ears. Even the most ebullient of souls at times needs some assistance or encouragement from a pertinent source to spark or ignite what is to follow. And it's this 'what is to follow' that is where we need to be because that's where it's all at.

Forget the past, forget what others have or are doing, forget fantasies, forget the "what I have to do thoughts - but never get to doing them", forget everything that's going to drag you down that your mind is going to churn over endlessly and cause great consternation, sleepless nights and degrees of self activated stress built up on hollow premises that don't exist. Firstly we must not just pin point one aspect of life ahead of us to give us something to work for, and whilst that's a reasonable cause to steer to, we must see other areas of life at the same time that we would like to achieve. All must be feasible even if some are 'possibles' but there must be a feasible route towards them all, none of them requiring "quantum leaps" that will only reside as thoughts and never materialise, and if by some chance a quantum leap does happen it's a bonus. By having an number of options and don't fall into the "I don't know mode" that's both stupid, lazy and selfish, one will then find that there are even more options available than one thought because the mind is now looking at the bigger picture and not falling on the "what I know" areas which are narrow and very dull. If they weren't you wouldn't be in the 'mind position' you are in now, so don't fool yourself that you are above being the 'all knowing' because you are not.

Everyone of us accomplishes something, rejects something, sees the end of something, or something forecloses on us, no matter what it is life is a series of endings and beginnings and from a position of seeing closure we move towards even by default a position of starting something else, even if that something else is self created depression. Hobbies, people, interests, perseverance, are all admirable topics to put one's energy into as they fuel both hope and camaraderie with others, doing nothing stifles open thought with others and that leads to self denial which in itself is a backward and retrograde step. There is but one way in life and that is forward, it's not a negotiable fact, if we are living that's where we are heading towards. How we do it is down to us, regardless of circumstances that by the way don't single us out or have a hidden agenda, they are anonymous and we are the pawns who have to dance our own dance and make it to where we need to go. Only by communing with life will we ever find a place that feels comfortable to move into, otherwise we will stagnate in solitary mind thought and feel endlessly out of touch with life, others and possibilities. The initial steps may be often quite outfacing but like any journey the first few steps get you on the road to where you need to go, and once on that road the self impetus is enough to see that there is mileage in moving forward and that distances have been travelled and that there are now once underway more than a few designational routes as options, options that never revealed themselves previously. It's your life, it's your future, it's your journey. Bon voyage.

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