Thursday, 30 December 2010


The turmoil of today's world is forever growing, the gap grows between those that believe and those that don't, and even those that believe many do so in a self created version which is not only pathetic but has no value other than self destructive tendencies driven up by fanatics and others who are low in mentality. The worlds religious leaders today are short of being useless, old, dithering idiots and well past their "best before" dates, the worst thing being that they are all self appointed "so called" representatives of God, whichever God they believe in and none have been appointed by God Himself.  "Religions" that are man made and thus are prone to disingenuous creeds, deeds and rituals that are self derisory and change according to who is currently in power and what is dictated by them during their period of reign. They are always out of touch with today cocooned in their glass towers of yesterday surrounded by "yes men" who are but drones of no value. Once man has to "decide" or "interpret" areas of the "Holy Scriptures" then we have a free for all, and those that do decide are usually so "out of touch" with society that they are worthless and useless and mock the religion that they purport to represent, as again it differs greatly from one to another in the same religion, nothing remains true.

Of the 35,000 plus registered religions God equates to "unconditional love" (except for Islam) and God is also the omnipotent being that created the Universe, knows all about science, atomic structures, biomlecular particles, black holes, quasar theories, and stuff that scientist have yet to discover but find super sexy at the thought of discovering anything new. If your God is a "living God" then He will be with you today in today's environment complete with the knowledge of mobile phone technology, Internet, pornography, drug abuse, pedophiles, prostitution, murderers, politicians, deceitful and corrupt bankers and financiers, useless religious leaders, fraudsters, Islamic terrorists, and the like so it's no big surprise to Him, nor is it anything new, as He will have in mind what man has yet to develop and where society will be heading. It's only stupid priests, imams, rabbis that predict the future by resting on the past and so here the dichotomy of understanding falls sadly apart and corruption starts to infiltrate and whole countries are then run by alien minds focused on "control" rather than cooperation, love and freedom. Cooperation is love based, control is Devil based. With pure love, i.e. it's unconditional, God loves you regardless of who you are and what you have done, he has to because unconditional is unconditional and God doesn't tell lies. It's man that kills, blows up, chops off hands, beheads people, lashes women, and so forth so evil spreads its way into Gods unconditional love. As earthly creatures we all have "free will" and our destiny is not down to God, it's down to us, what we do is down to us, any help we get from God is also down to us, it's called "faith" and 99% of people don't have faith at all, including religious leaders, they are totally devoid of it, hence nothing happens. Faith (and love) is the conduit to God, nothing else, you don't even have to know scriptures, faith is the one and only thing you ever need to commune with God. If you are shipwrecked on to a dessert island with nothing but the clothes you are dressed in, that faith is all you need.

God (your faith) is between you and Him, no one else, not the state, not the church, not priests, imams, rabbis, next door neighbours, nothing, it's that personal. Many eastern cultures are almost tantamount to devil worship when they melds culture and customs in with religion such as in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Far East, it's a fabrication of mythology, culture, religion and it never ever works, but it does bring on untold misery, and backwardness and all the negative aspects of an ingrowing society based upon hierarchical disasters and ignorance and massive corruption. If people really believed, and not just believed what they wanted to when they wanted to, life would be far better, but alas that concept doesn't work, instant miracles and the understanding that suffering is good for the soul is past being pathetic, and those that teach or preach such evilness are worthless humans of no value to anyone. The growing movement of those that have real faith also have and show real love, not the conditional variety but towards those they see as being lost or not conforming, for it's this test of inner dexterity that allows true faith to rise above the zealots and pharisees that religions seem to attract and whose so called spiritual leaders view it as a private domain for themselves.

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