Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Whatever our character, or whatever our attitude is it's all manifested from within. The stories of "life made me like this" or "if you've been through what I've been through" or whatever else one can conjure up it still manifests its outward appearance from within the mind. We are the only ones who can think for ourselves even if we tend to copy or emulate others, that thought and the deed which follows comes from within. Our actions and deeds come from within regardless of any circumstances and whatever our actions whether linked to education or just wild guesses life lives within our minds, nowhere else. Our moods are governed by our thoughts and interlinked with our emotions and often how our character is hard wired. Some people are always moody others despite the knock backs are always happy and positive, we like positive people, we don't like the moody people they are selfish, introverted and try to hold everyone back for their own desires, moody people are not needed in life, neither are greedy people. How we view life not only depends upon our outlook but how we view life itself, whatever happens around us and how we face it is relative to where we are emotionally in life. If our health, wealth, happiness factors are relatively high we cope far better generally than if we are not so well, not so wealthy and thus little problems at times loom larger than they really are, everything is relative.

How we see life varies from person to person but we generally find a consensus of opinion that in some way agrees with how we think, not because we are right but that in the grand order of life and the various permutations within it we meet similarly "hard wired" people who have thoughts almost on a par with ours, and they are often quite moral thoughts too. Interestingly and fortunately most people really do have a moral streak even if they tend to veer off it at times, their base thinking is quite solid and humanistic. Forgetting moody people who only see feigning moods as a tool to get their own way such as "emotional blackmail" etc, but for the rest whose only moods are mild versions of feeling low or sad because of their reaction to events as opposed to deliberately making an issue out of something to gain attention, they move almost silently onwards in life. Our expectations and hopes are at time at loggerheads, our families let us down, we hit a financial crisis, health takes a turn for the worse or we have a series of problems at home like water leaks, machines stopped working etc, all play a part in our overall view of life and how we look towards life. Even if we cope it all still takes its toll and we need a little period where we need to adjust, come to terms with, get over, etc, in order to re-evaluate everything and move on again, as life is for living not just surviving.

When all is good we feel free to laugh at anything whether its funny or not, when life takes a tumble we become short tempered and irritable, yet nothing in the bigger picture has changed, it's just a few pieces of the jigsaw that have been clouded over. Getting over anything is as much to do with our mental state as any physical efforts that need to be altered. The more drama we make out of anything the worse it will get and even when its all over we will still keep it all alive then wonder why life isn't as it should be. Self obsessiveness is a dangerous thing, if things go wrong, rectify them as best you can, move on and life will bounce back even if it's not to the same place as it was before, but harking on about disparities and discrepancies is tantamount to fueling future despondency. We can only live where we are now, and whilst we may have hopes, ideas and perhaps dreams of better things for the future we can't postpone any happiness which is there for us at this moment. And for those who are already making up negative comments about their present happiness well, you are really pathetic, deliberately cancelling out any possibility of being happy because you are in the habit of searching for unhappiness to make as a statement.

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