Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Are you one of those people who goes through life as if talking on a mobile phone, the conversational quality of talking on mobile devises is one of constant updates such as I'm in a traffic jam, on the bus, just coming to the roundabout on such and such a road, or at the store or whatever locational landmarks seem pertinent to what's being said or one needs to state as a matter of course. The calls from land lines are usually premeditated to a degree that one needs a fixed position and a time frame in order to conduct it all, the only variances are that someone walks into audible range and the conversational topic is not for their ears, the rest is immaterial. But regardless of all that, we are the traffic jam we are in, we are the hold ups too, we are the ambient noise, and we are part of the pedestrian courtage, it's not the rest, we are part of the rest. How we conduct ourselves in life is totally down to us, how we react to life is totally down to us, how we view life is totally down to us, in fact how we live and all that surrounds us is totally down to us, which is not good news for the lazy, pathetic, stupid, ignorant and those that live within the framework of "blame culture status", ego's and negative emotions.

The mental pressures that are self afflicted today are forever growing and those that seek counselling for whatever it is they feel they are not capable of solving themselves is also forever increasing. Many get resolution just from the endless visits that tend to lead nowhere and immorally keep the patient / client forking out for trips that say nothing, do nothing and in the end sheer frustration gets the better of the client so that they eventually make a decision and move on, albeit somewhat financially poorer for the experience. The downside of seeking "professional" help or Life Coaching is often better than the physical experiences that many get during their visits as it gives the client a comparison to their dilemma and their problems and the rhetoric and the way it's all portrayed by the person they are seeing, sometimes giving rise to degrees of humour at the ambiguity and culpability of it all in a hindsight fashion. The hubbub of life, the plethora of unwritten forces and opinions, the negativity of the media and the overall shallowness and fickle approach that drives the press and magazines into whirling up a drama out of trivia is becoming a profession in itself. Where at times the fine lines between fact, fiction, truth and lies all seem to meld into an unsavoury hue with overtones and disingenuous swirls giving rise to unhappiness and reporters not quite knowing who they are anymore when peddling superficiality for a living.

For those that have a life, for those that see the "bigger picture" and know what they can do and understand what they can't it seems a joke too far and one which they opt out of leaving the rest to feed on the rancid fodder of self stupidity and then wonder why life isn't as good as it should be. Fairness and magic wands do not exist in a natural world, man has to physically apportion fairness and the media haven't yet discovered that the word exists yet alone its meaning. Whatever the problems life throws at us either individually or collectively we are part of it, we are the traffic jam we report we are in, it's not the others that makes the traffic jam and we are a solitary entity caught up in it, we are part of the traffic like it or not. We are a part of life and all that goes wrong, we are part of the upheaval and the evil deeds of others and fanatical religious idiots, we are one and the same, our only saving grace is that we have free thought and that gives us an enormous opportunity to stay our course the way we can choose even if the choices are few and far between, we have that ability. Those that enjoy life make choices those and those that don't enjoy life bring it on themselves and predominantly go with the flow. Even our own personal circumstances that at times can tax us enormously have a choice availability somewhere within it all, it's those that use it that come out shining at the end. 

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