Friday, 15 April 2011


At times in our lives we get to a point where we reflect where we are, what we have done and possibly compare what achievements we have made in relation to our aspirations and any other future thoughts that we may hold. Nothing technical nor deep and meaningful or anything like that but a mind summary of how we feel at that moment in time and taking stock of why we feel like we do now. It's not rocket science to know that when life suddenly loses its sparkle we almost automatically fall into a reflective mood, it's quite a natural thing to do otherwise we can't devise new ways forward, re-jig what we are currently doing and possibly seek alternatives or redefine strategies. One of the almost default thoughts that many have is that there are those that are naturally great "whatever definition that one places on greatness - which varies enormously" and themselves, it's almost a dichotomy of "us and them" as if there is a defined distinction between both which somehow "greatness" is bestowed and "non-greatness" is an absence of such. It's all a great fallacy, for today one only has to run naked at a major event get captured by the press and within seconds you are headline material on television, newspapers, chat shows, celebrity cook guests, and the like, plus an article in the weekend supplements, such is the fickleness of today, a No.1 spot without any credentials, no PR, no marketing, no agent, just do it.

However for those of a more modest disposition who can't quite muster discarding all their clothes for the world to see their "au natural" look another avenue of thought has to be entered into and possibly one using what is inherent within, something that is not as hollow, shallow or insincere as many in the media seem to possess as star points. Everyone has greatness within them, many actually live in an aura of greatness and never really know it, some have degrees of greatness that almost permanently lie dormant and others just squander whatever they have and opt for being lazy and selfish. Every action we take has an event that follows no matter how minuscule it may be, small actions like dialling for the emergency services can bring a flotilla of fire, ambulance and police within seconds, so we don't have to do much to effect a change even if that change is somewhat unsavoury. For everyone of us who has reached where they are now, regardless of how they have reached that place they are successful, en-route to that place we will have definitely interacted with others, some helpful some definitely not helpful and possibly officious, but we have survived it all and here we are. Do we view that we are great and not the arrogant variety of greatness but a wholesome version that epitomises humanity and love and camaraderie for fellow human beings or do we think of ourselves a humdrum and nothing of noteworthy incidence to set us apart from an apathetic profile of self persona.

Much of how we allow ourselves to be good and great emanates from our attitude and perceptions of life, it has to no one else controls the way we think and feel. Some have a natural advantage in that they are automatically bubbly and bright regardless of anything that hits them, good or bad. Whereas others have a more controlled approach and literally consider what output to have and at times it's somewhat moribund and negative according to how they feel and their overall displeasure, it's a tone of selfishness, but it's never the less very real. Unfortunately some never allow greatness to become them because they forever place it outside of their control and domain, it's always someone else, or them, or whatever it is, one thing for sure is they don't either accept any part of it or perceive it. We all have greatness within us, many are living proof of who they are and what we have done, credentials for greatness vary and should not be compared nor denigrated from a personal point of view based upon what we think as that could un-align the real value of it all. One should never put oneself down in life or deem how lowly one is respecting yourself is admirable because if you can't respect yourself then no one else will be able to either or at least with verve and strength. Greatness is within allow it be there always.

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