Saturday, 4 December 2010


In today’s world we are bombarded by a whole manner of people who seem to take it upon themselves to be the bastions of our society and tell us what we can or can’t say, do or not do, comment upon or not comment upon and so it goes on. These people usually fall into the “politically correct” category are are by definition life’s rejects, they need to be seen to be ”doing good” on behalf of others and in doing so get some degree of kudos for it to make up for the massive shortfall in their own pathetic lives. It’s a sad indictment that many of these such people work in government offices and are politically motivated as opposed to being diligent at what they do, failures trying to find a home, most will die probably unhappy and deep down probably unloved too.

With political correctness comes almost by default feelings that life is never right, and today more and more people instead of getting on with life are becoming self offended by anything they dislike, offended because it’s deemed ageist, sexist, racist, and any other “ist” they can find to make a cause of for something to do. What such people can’t get to grips with is that life is not a “one size fits all” and neither are we born into a world which is fair either. Morality and fairness are what man creates himself nothing more, and if life was a level playing-field we would be in a terrible state today, there would be no creators of anything at all, engineering, pharmaceuticals, food, buildings, arts, music, etc, etc. All achievements are created by those leaving the “norm” stepping out and doing things, whilst the politically correct just leach and take from life for their own selfish reasons.

We all at times in our lives come across success and failure sometimes at the same time, there’s no measure as to why or how it just happens even if we because of our own stupidity eased it on a bit it still happens the way it does, how we react is paramount to how we overcome or get over it and quite often turn it all on its head and make it become an asset rather than a detrimental aspect of demise. For those who go into a mood tell all and sundry about what’s happened and dwell on it they do but realise they are digging themselves deeper into the crevasse that’s awaiting them. They are giving their problems gravitas and once that happens it takes a life of its own and then it becomes a primary event as opposed to a fleeting event. For those that look cooly and calmly at it, take a look at what’s what from afar, they will be able to see the bigger picture and from that point onwards will see a depth of clarity that they then can steer through towards resolution and any benefits that may come because of the action taken. An open mind is always far better than a stilted one that jumps far too quickly to conclusions then wonders why all goes awry.

We choose to be a victim or a victor despite what has behest or befallen upon us, successful people always choose the option to get out of the doldrums, miserable people find degrees of solace in depravity and thus never get anywhere and see life as a place for others to enjoy and never them, but do you wonder. When “stuff” goes wrong it’s never pleasant and we do get some degree of support from those that are significant in our lives, it gives us a friendly cheer and helps us resume our positive pathway. The “Jobs” comforters make an issue out of everything and try and keep on validating it to milk the scenario for as long as possible, these are the failures in life, the miserable and selfish people who you definitely do not want as friends.

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