Tuesday 21 December 2010


The emotional aspects of disappointment can be almost crippling in that they can alter not only how we feel, which is usually low, but the way we view life, ourselves, others and indeed our whole future. It can affect our current state of health and it can distort the way we interpret life from just about every angle. In short it can virtually impair our reasoning and our happiness trail, it can subliminally pull us down via our own volition. Furthermore we can ostracise ourselves by being glum and moody and thus others don't want to commune with us as they have better things to do than to foster an association with a person who is dull and dowdy and depressing in their presence, no matter who they are. Some people are forever disappointed in life, it's the way they have allowed themselves to become, after all what goes on in our mind is something we are totally in charge of, even for the thick and stupid, what actions we do or say emanates from our own minds. There's very little that we can apportion to others, all this "they made me say or do it" is utter rubbish, at the end of the day it's the self that decides what to do even under duress.

Of course disappointment can be self manifested, our expectations can be flawed, our idea of what something should be like was wrong, our ability to see beyond what's in front of us can cause great consternation, ego and arrogance and indeed selfishness can topple our ability to stay calm and cool and even when all seemingly goes well, many need that extra boost to inflate their own ego state in order to enjoy that "feel good" factor. Small mindedness and lack of self esteem, self value, self worth tends to fuel disappointment, as does a lack in creativity. Often when things go wrong many don't have any idea as to what to do next other than feel low and indeed be disappointed then dwell on it often, looking elsewhere for others to introduce an external aspect on their behalf to stave off further disappointment and hopefully raise the bar so "all will be well" again, silly and foolish, but sadly there are those out there that fit the bill only too well, you could be one of them!

Respecting ourselves eliminates the deepness of disappointment, it lightens the load of discontent and it paves the way for a speedy recovery, it also allows us to see the bigger picture that for us includes happiness not long bouts of selfish depression and melancholy which self feeds on itself and produces that "poor old me" attitude. Those that make it in life are predominantly positive towards just about everything regardless of what beset and befalls them, it's their resistance to that inner voice saying "I'm in charge of my life - not circumstances". The weak think the opposite way and resort to the low "blame culture" mentality where all that goes wrong and how they feel is the responsibility of someone else or circumstances, hence they never get anywhere, and what happiness they do enjoy is but fleeting.

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