Monday, 6 December 2010


Whatever we do in life or whatever someone else does in life it has a bit of us or them in it, it has to have otherwise it would have been done by a robot that shows no feelings or emotions, at least to the extent our technological accomplishments have reach to today. So if we are dull and glum or do things under sufferance then it usually shows, and it shows remarkably quickly too as we've all been served by surly waiters or waitresses and similarly airline crew, and also come into contact with offhanded medical staff in hospitals which is the last place one needs to feel the downside of someone else's emotional state. Perceptions of course can lead us into alien territory whereby we see actors and actresses who on screen are excellent yet off screen have the ambiance of a moron on acid and find it difficult to string a sentence together and one that means something too. Of course we are not all the same, some have a natural warmth that they exude automatically regardless of situational occurrences, and some are naturally dull, dowdy and boring, even if deep down they are good and decent people, their personality is not at a level which they can commune well with life and their respective mental abilities are reflected as such. Ability and personality don't always go hand in hand and in the work force and this can cause untold problems by default as people like to get on with people and those that are very reserved or offhand tend to get ostracised, although if one is too gregarious it can be at times overbearing. Aptitudes and proper positional locating in life especially in a work environment is paramount, it can be done proficiently but it's often not taken into account.

Happy people, people with a positive outlook in life, people who smile, people who are generous in life (not necessarily with money but time, knowledge, listening, help, etc) people who are thoughtful, don't bear grudges, aren't moody (ultimate in selfishness), people who are not egotistical, etc, are those that get on better and receive more help even if others are in greater need, but have a bad attitude. Humans as a race like to help humans, people are people people, it gives them a feeling of humanity and camaraderie and purpose to help  others, any lack of this makes people embittered and sallow and lax and low. We like to be noticed too when we help someone, nothing grand but just a smile or thank you is more that enough acknowledgment for our good deeds, it's part of our ability to communicate and reciprocate our gratitude no matter how small it is, even standing up for someone less able (yes it still does happen) is almost always met with a smile of acknowledgement by a stranger for the need to be offered.

Our quality of life, our mental stance, how we view life, the world, how we are treated, how we see others, how we apportion what happens in the world is all assimilated within our minds. It's not all fair and it's not all just, but in between all that we have to live, and there are excellent people and opportunities and positions and happiness trails for us if we choose to look and if we choose to be happy in what we do. If our decision is to dwell on the negativity and all that is unjust then we will forever be on an uphill struggle. And that uphill struggle will manifest itself into something of a journey of gross unhappiness which in turn will manifest itself in our outlook which in turn will alienate us from everyone around us, even if others share similar views.

It's imperative regardless of circumstances or unfairness to ride above it all, to commune with a higher place, because when we do that we really do see a different life, our "hot air balloon" (life) starts to rise as we throw out the heavy ballast and rubbish that holds us down. And then we see below those that cling on to the detritus of life, the garbage and never ever leave the ground, they are forever looking up at the rising balloons complaining that it's not fair, as they haven't moved. We have but one shot at this life on earth, it's far too short to hold on to negativity, but if we do and it's our choice then we should be in the knowledge that things will almost inevitably never get better, and we will see others moving forward and then wonder why and still keep on thinking life isn't fair, yet our own selfishness and rooted negative emotions anchor us is what  allows unfairness to take root in our own heart and our own lives.

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