Tuesday, 14 September 2010


We all have a "higher self" both within us and without us, whether we utilise any of it is down to us, many people don't utilise their inner abilities at all preferring to 'farm out' or 'out source' their decisions to others. It's this "out sourcing" or following or mimicking or copying others that leads many to their own downfall and destruction in that happiness and joy and love ends up being conditional and fleeting. In many cases our "higher self" is looked upon as something cranky and often it's quite right too, those who dabble in "New Age" stuff believing that the Universe is going to do whatever they feel is appropriate die wondering and waiting and usually totally lost and pathetic too. It may be an interesting journey but the destination is beyond sadness. Then there is your higher self but based upon God and Godly stuff, the need for higher self stuff in God is actually God himself - which is what you are a part of, it's just that the many followers and  morons can't see that and thus fall short of what God can do. Muslims can never really attain their higher self because their belief stops personal development.  If Jesus can walk on water, change water into wine (he's my best friend already), and perform healing then he utilises the cosmic structures of the universe and the atomic correlation-ship that's common to all. He knows that healing is changing molecular and bio matter, and that death of the physical body is but atomic restructuring, the "spirit" lives on. Matter transference and creation or replication are but atoms structured. Most religions look upon their God as some sort of "magician" with a temperament who if you upset Him will "get you back" which shows you how pathetic it all is, but it exists, hence most believers never get any real benefit other than mental solace from it all.

We can already change many things in life even if controlled in laboratory conditions, and there's much in life that scientists cannot fathom out to do with those who have telepathic thoughts etc, but as we aren't that clever enough yet to measure such and thus can't prove it the scientific community can only do what they do and say that the "jury is out" on the subject, which doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Remember the "flat earth" scientists, well some people still have that thought and concept still at heart on other subjects. Our minds are such potent organs yet we scratch the surface of what can be achieved with positive thought behind any implementation of any implication. Our "higher self" is often the subject of lectures and workshops and Gurus in India who chant and do breathing exercises and the like, but with real determination and pure thought ability we don't need to go through courses to eradicate the dross of modern life and the fabricated media detritus. We can do it right here right now.

There's nothing mystical or taboo about our higher self, and whether you believe it or not or have your own version of what it is no one really cares as they can't experience anyone else's higher self only their own, so no matter how plausible things sound coming from others lips as to how this and that works, it's usually a load of old tosh, just like they are. If you are given some weird and wonderful journey to embark upon and some money has to change hands to find your higher self, then it's just proven you are daft and stupid as well, and the only thing you'll achieve is a headache or migraine and a dent in your wallet. But if you are lonely and lost it's often such people that embark on these courses so you may have to go through it to realise it is you that's lost the plot and not everyone else, and that you are lonely because of the way you think nothing more.

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