Thursday, 30 September 2010


Let's get it clear from the start, something that most people know but a few seem to have problems with, "Life does not revolve around you". And yes, life is not fair, it's not just, it's not an even playing field and it contains no guarantees other than the fact one day you are going to die, it doesn't owe you a living, and it cares not whether you live or die, even if those around you do. If you believe in God fine, but don't wear that as a tag with an empty and hollow back up conversation because it won't work. Your perceptions in life are paramount as to how you see it, and ignorance can be the biggest hurdle you ever come across, not others or the system, but you. You are the biggest problem you are ever going to face, and as you live with yourself, it's something that you have to come to terms with pretty quickly if you want to enjoy what you have got or hope to achieve. If you have any other ideology or thoughts about life then you are on an uphill struggle from day one, and nobody will be there to help you as it will smack of both selfishness and feelings of gross failure by your own hand. All the talk such as "it's not right", "it's not fair", "why have they got and I don't", "why aren't I lucky", etc, are the sounds of failures wanting a free and easy ride. There's always an answer as to why and usually it's not that palatable either, but coming to terms with life head on is a strength that can provide a conduit to moving so much higher in life.

So many people get displaced in life having illusions of grandeur or negative emotions based upon greed or envy that they constantly battle with life and all who are in it building up an attitude that is neither conducive nore helpful in moving forward. Unfortunately such is their limited mentality that they cannot see that fact and thus reside almost permanently in a place of lowly displeasure and then they get into a rut and from that point forward cannot see anyway way out. So to cover it all up they develop even further an enhanced negative attitude and lose their self confidence and life becomes an even greater struggle as they find there is literally no place for them to live within it and be happy, content or share any joy. The rift between our thoughts about what we think we should have and do have is equated to what we do in life. At times we can be left money from deceased people or even win some funds which is still relatively insignificant in the grand order of life, but in between we need some compliance and structured understanding as to why we are where we are if we are not happy with our circumstances. We can all wax lyrical of wanting to up our status but there is a difference between wanting to "up it"to enhance our lives and to literally get out of a rut.

Understanding life no matter how cruel it may seem or grossly unfair is a strength beyond sheer words and visuals, it gives a base upon which to evaluate circumstances, people, things, possessions, materialistic elements, spiritual thoughts and seeing these from a perspective of the self is emancipating. It frees up the pent up confusion and negativity that holds back progress and one's inner abilities to going forward with a good heart and better understanding of life looking from the 'bigger picture' as opposed from a cocooned and narrow view. Communing with life is essential, bottling up a narrow and self centred existence only harbours views that can be seen from within and as such others can't understand nor even want to as it's out of their scope and remit - they have a life too and it doesn't include your misery and thoughts. Staid views about life will always exist, but fortunately most people with some inner push or gumption will be able to beak the self created ceiling that holds them back and enjoy everything that's on offer. If we perceive life by and large that is offering nothing because we are below the ability to take advantage, then an early death is probably the only hope we have left.

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