Friday, 3 September 2010


What makes our world go around is how we view it, it has to be as we are the only ones who respond to life from our perspective. Even if we share concurrent or similar or parallel views with others how it translates to our own feelings via our thoughts is always down to us. Within everyone's life there are set blocks of thought upon which there are conditional and circumstantial aspects that we hold dear to us such as our families, friends, homes, etc, they have a direct link via our emotions and they possess both quality and purpose. Outside of those areas are lesser but still important areas such as our work, our environment and general interests which we hold as values and aspects of morality. The human condition is both painfully complex at times and at other times incredibly simple too, it's this dichotomy that makes us who we are and why we do what we do. We are all different and this difference makes us exciting and it's the elevating thing about human nature that makes us progress in the West and why undeveloped or religiously lead countries almost stagnate they way they do.

The key to enjoying life is to proficiently join up all our key areas of life with coherent and apt communicable and direct thoughts that give us a balance that provides a harmony of understanding and apportions succinctly what is needed and required for us to see life from our point of view. In simple terms we need to utilise what we have within our minds and what we do outside of our minds and make sure that there is an acceptable balance. Even the work/ life balance is what it is, workaholics maybe have a 75/25 split whereas others who just get by have a leisurely 60/40 split or whatever it is, there's not often a 50/50 text book split. In enjoying our lives we need to do what we want which isn't being selfish or self centred it's positioning ourselves and others where they need to be, and whilst most of us are flexible to opt out of that at times to help or acceded to what others want there's a big difference between doing that and being put upon and then getting all uptight about it, and possibly feeling being used.

The interlinking of thoughts is essential for if we have segmented thought we are not running our mind efficiently nor to its maximum potential, and that means we are doing a lot of stuff that is done under sufferance, which has nothing to do with chores that we don't like. The smooth flow and comprehension of life is related to our self esteem and not allowing families or friends or even work collages take advantage of us, we have boundaries that if need to be crossed have a real purpose and motive other than for someone else's benefit at your expense, it's often called selfishness, but it can be laziness and those who are purely "all about me" too, which is not uncommon. Respecting others and drawing the line produces at times those who get their "nose put out of joint" because they didn't get their own way, but it's a salutary lesson and improves ones' standing both within and without.

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