Wednesday 29 September 2010


There's a greatness in collective thought, but at the same time it all depends upon what the thought is, lemmings commit suicide collectively as indeed do wales and some religious orders have done so for whatever reason. Hitler produced an almost collective overriding thought in his followers who were rigid in what the Nazi movement was to stand for, similarly in some religions the collection of 'likeminded' souls all enacting the self same thing produces an ambiance and energy that many can commune with. Unfortunately or sadly in many cases it's not always that good, collective spirits gives rise to a pseudo stability that in reality doesn't exist. It also gives rise also to a quasi base which fragments once the collective has disbanded and old ways, evil doings and narrow thoughts almost revert back to how they were before. In any society good breeds good and bad breeds bad, and those who stand out in either camp as exponents of the opposite doctrine are either ostracised or feared. Collective thought especially in areas like prayer has been proven to be beneficial over long distances where such energy has raised the healing threshold substantially, all difficult to statistically give factual results other than improvement has been over and above chance or current medication and noted accordingly. The power of multiple thought can be something that many find gives rise to feelings within of security or possibly fear, it stems from a base ideology and for the general populous they subliminally take such feelings on board and unless they are of free thought themselves they start to think and feel as a collective then wonder why life isn't going their way, even if the base product is good and solid. If we think collectively then we ruin and dispel any credentials we have for our own abilities after which everything slumps and life becomes a trudge and unfulfilled.

Dark forces exist not only in organised crime or religious fanatics, but in the general populous itself, ignorance and lack as well as under developed minds produces negatively biased thoughts that forever seek out what they haven't got themselves or possibly can never achieve. The undercurrents of right and wrong shift towards the uneducated, although crime in law and finance is the fastest growing areas where deceit is the most common cause for sheer personal greed. Our whole society is based upon love, love in its pure form would eradicate any evil, it would eradicate murder, rape, embezzlement, fraud, muggings, and everything else because with love harm would not be a subject nor would wanting to do harm to any other person or animal for that matter. Bring man and religion into the equation and already there are fundamental flaws, add that ongoing factor "time" and one has a hotch potch of ideas, interpretations, doctrines, and anything else that can be drummed up and unless everything is brought up to date it all starts to form growing pains, as there is a dichotomy between man's past doctrine and current situations.

Quantum thought can move mountains, it can cause wars, it can sustain peace, and unless one has a stable religion, one that doesn't have endless excuses, exceptions, and in fact has an answer for opting out here and there then it's not a religion it's a man orientated diatribe that's perverse. Either something "is" or "it isn't" and it fits everyone, no matter who you are or where you are, it doesn't change, and above all it's practical for everyone. Exclusions lead to downfall, fear, no result, hatred, no help, nothing, and thus nothingness is the prevalent result from it all. What do 99% of people get from religion other than perhaps a pseudo peace of mind, the bottom line answer is nothing what so ever. The thought that if something good happens it's thanks to God and if something bad happens God wants it to be that way is stupid, and has no bearing on anything. Atheists are often better off than religious zealots as they have no burden of "this and that" which many religions burden their sad followers with, and thus hold them back as opposed to giving them the freedom to go forward. Quantum thought, where are you placed and where does happiness reside within? If you believe in God is it compatible with religion - which is man made?

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