Tuesday, 20 August 2013


There comes a point in all of our lives when something finishes and something else starts. Sometimes it's a very pleasant thing other times it's quite the opposite. Whatever it is we have to do one thing and that's keep on going, it's what life is all about. It may be a hard truth to bear especially when that end involves a loved one, but life from day one has a cycle and that is birth and death, what we make in between is entirely up to us. We are all different and take things differently, indeed we all look upon things differently too, never the less the commonality in life is that whilst we are alive we have to do the best we can and that all springs from our mind, nowhere else. Our attitude is paramount to living a life full of laughter and mirth and as much camaraderie as possible for without that we are nothing but isolated people living for the sake of it. "Love" is the actual corner stone of life it is what makes us whom we are it's what makes us and our race the one that has lasted the longest and the one that has developed beyond measure to arrive at where it is today. It may indeed not be perfect, yet it has come a long way in development, even though many parts of planet earth still have very backward societies that are parasitic in nature from those that have made the effort and enjoyed the freedom to do so. The religiously controlled societies slowly eating away at themselves offering nothing to society other than unrest and mayhem such is the 'evilness' inbuilt into their belief.

Life and society are permanently evolving, no more so than today where great changes are overtaking the structures that have for so long been the benchmarks for what we do now. An eclipse of time is making our whole rationale look upon where we are and who we are from different perspectives and ironically it's governments that are the slowest to react to this as they see 'vested interests' more important that physically making a difference or introducing a quantum leap in how their strategies are evoked. The "commercial self" is by far a prime contender the actual job is secondary even if at times both appear neck and neck. Unrest and unwarranted dissociation by the state and governments will only add to the already confused electorate as verbalised rhetoric is spewed out manufactured by backroom mandarins colluding and devising hypothetical realities that bear no resemblance to the ability of it being carried out. More unrest will be followed by more unrest until eventually a real statesman will enter the affray and this will happen in many countries as they regain and find their level. Open thinkers also will eventually rule the roost as opposed to intellectual thinkers who do just that intellectualise but little more.

Intelligence and common sense have little in common although it's not beyond reason that many possess both, and occasionally especially in politics it seems it's the few who possess both and their lies always the major problem. The "heart" of any country must be captured by the government and that means like minded souls "thinking alike" and having the ability to "understand" the national feeling as it is and not as some pathetic consultancy has put forward at vast expense and gotten wrong. With feelings and temperaments elevated, as they will constantly be raised as we go forward in the century it's essential that governments and individuals feel that there is a "home turf" that they can emotionally rest upon and not see governments condescending to foreigners and outsiders as if they are a charity and neglecting all else.

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