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We have a global community at our finger tips, world events relayed by endless magazines and media stations all with their own slant on the news and their own flavour of reporting it. We predominantly subscribe to the various media types and styles that suite our own thought processes as it's easier to digest and follow. However at the same time we still like to read the "other" publications / news items to see alternative view points. The base of much of what is put out to us is that of conflicting worlds, rich meets poor, east meets west, success meets failure,  and of course the clash of religions is always there, the progressive religions meets head on the repressive religions - almost an east meets west yet again in style and character. The changeability of life and the world at large is as such that everything is speeding up, the corporate structures in business, the world finance situation, the climate, health, fighting and dictatorial rule, populations challenging staid family run autocratic countries, wars between fraction groups, the race is on. The migration of people' across the globe is forever increasing changing the endemic structures of life and thought in some countries beyond the comprehension of native citizens. Weak ineffective governments ensue in failing in coping with such and thus undue tensions and unbalance arises because of it, in most cases in the short term it's all a detrimental step, like everything only time will allow a reasonable cross flow of unity, although some countries harbour community unrest for centuries. The worst aspect of any intermingling of people's is that of religion, where old staid meets the new and the old staid camp never fully integrate and are always the "lower class" as they can't or possibly don't want to upgrade to modernity and thus have to endure the price they pay for it all. Always living in the shadows of those that create and bring innovation to the fore they are at times permanent recipients of life's hand downs.

There are some countries that are permanently in conflict, they have a duality of resident, those that live within the detritus that abounds and often have a fairly good life, and those that are part of the ongoing upheaval because it's a part of their life, even though rarely anything positive comes out of it. The losers are the masses who remain uneducated and are modern day peasants who see, hear and look but are able to do nothing other than survive from their lowly jobs of self livelihood at doing whatever they do. There are still 27,000,000 black slaves in Islamic countries today. Governments of such countries are almost always corrupt because they can be, because they can see glaring differences and are privy to the means of spoils because of their position. They are also egotists, and backhanders which are rife in the Middle East and Africa in particular forever stopping real progress as somewhere down the line even charities get their funds or products syphoned off to the fortunate few. The overseeing of aid fund isn't always a guarantee of fair play, and even the EU Commission doesn't have audited books to the level of costs and expenditures that most governments wouldn't, it has already EU3bn unaccounted for expenses. Religious organisations are also to blame as they are inept at foreseeing a future so prefer to keep their worshipers festooned in a time warp of religious fear and lowliness, too much education and their congregation would grasp the bigger picture for themselves and move on. The flow of science, technology, lifestyles, global travel and media has overtaken most religions who live in a sterile world of their own and in real terms are far from Godly people, their leaders see themselves are God's representatives as opposed to God's servants and here lies an area which they have self cultivated in order to seemingly keep a degree of authority and power, it's fading fast.

Home life, business life and the state of our national health whether mental or physical or indeed both is under attack as medical science wants us to live longer. Once we lived the way we chose then we died, now we have a formulae or regime on how to live to stave off certain conditions and improve our lot, whilst at the same time manufactures plough us with unhealthy foods mainly aiming at the lower end of the market of convenience at a price. It can be devastating to be in a conflict with family, friends, business, life, countries, as it throws our whole system into a mode which is based on rather unsavoury thoughts and feelings, the niceties of life tend to stop flowing once we have decided that we are in conflict and our ideology changes too. To commerce human beings are but fodder to gain a revenue from, to religions they preach one thing sometimes sincerely but haven't the personal nor professional ability to deliver it honestly, and then we have the media who are happy to be whores and game for anything including the ZOO TV slots making fun of unfortunate people for cheap but profitable television, no morals, cold, callous, insincere, thoughtless - yes - just bring it on. The same TV companies that seek to make award winning documentaries about overseas exploitation of humans and people trafficking are ironically supported by their own immorality at home.

We need to keep our wits about us as to the real truth that lies behind the stories. Whilst a story may purvey the truth via  the merits of its content, the bigger picture when placing all the stories together depicts often a far different picture at times acting as a catalyst for one another and accelerating great disharmony, disruption, unhappiness, subterfuge, and the rest. The "gatekeepers" those that are in positions to judge ironically are usually the most inept having an 'overall' view of what they are judging yet are so off the mark as they can't literally 'see' cleverness or brilliance or 'out of the box' thinkers. Their own inner judgment is impervious to such people and thus reject often emotionally people who should be given prime time and not be placed upon the reject list. Conflict is nothing new, it's been around since year dot, there are even programmes for conflict management, and border wars still happen based upon who has this and who has that, and so it all goes on. Most of us get in a bit of a huff about something perhaps even literally trivia and egotistically lead thoughts but we just get over it and move on, which is how it should be. Life isn't for harbouring negative emotions, some base their lives on conflict and let it rage within as if it's their sole reason to live, but we steer clear of such people - don't we? At the end of the day life has a strange way of readdressing balance, although it may not be in our life time, but in between we need to enjoy life and not be embroiled in a conflict of our own and miss out grandly because our interests are vested in negativity. Enjoying life to the best you can allows one to see over and above the obstacles in front and often the reward for that is somewhat sweeter than one could have imagined.

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