Monday 25 July 2011


None of us know what's going to happen tomorrow, we have a very good idea based upon our lifestyle, our work, what we have forward planned, our routines and what may come our way in the way of friends contacting us to joing them for some function or other, but other than that we don't really know until it happens what is going to happen. Everyday someone somewhere is diagnosed with some illness, someone dies in an accident and people get made redundant. There are also grand catastrophies like Tsunami's and earthquakes and there are revolutions like in the Middle East, which will go on for many years to come. And for those who get caught in aspects of life that don't hold great value it's an almost about face change in an instant, all our thoughts and planning goes literally in an instant, a realignment of thought and purpose has to immediately take effect and that seperates us from life itself even though we are still a part of the bigger picture. Evolution is both good and challenging, it's good that we progress even if we make mistakes en-route, it's good that many people are living a better life, it's good that evolution brings us potential too, although it's wasted on some people and countries that are religiously controlled as they forever hold everything back. It's challenging in that the grande move forward brings with it a change in life circumstances, weather conditions, illnesses, earth temperatures and a host of other things, but man in his quest to be better for fellow man generally overcomes such obstacles and in his own right generates an evolutionary process all of his own. Even the internet has brough millions of people within easy grasp of each other and at the same time highlighted the mentally sick and perverse in those speading electronic viruses, spam and creating 'on-line' fraud because they are part of the global dross, rejects and the sad people that come with the whole parcel.

Our own lot comprises of aspirations, dreams, likes and dislikes and the need to fellowship with other human beings, all of these things are within our grasp but for the majority only a few ever realise what they aspire to do and then when they get there they find it 'different', not necessarily better or not necessarily worse but just different. Our forward dreams always need modification which rarely happens so when somehing like what we wished for comes along the edge is talen off it with regards excitement, often it may have been so long in the process of coming that we feel we are more in need of it than anything else. Time, experience, life itself hones our thoughts and melds our wants and likes to a more palatable understanding of what we really want or need as opposed to a "what we would like" thought. Enjoying the daily moment no matter what that is is essential for if we can't enjoy today it's rare that we will ever enjoy tomorrow. Postponing happiness is something of a habit which we must not ever get into for it will make time speed up and thwart totally our ability to go forward with a positive attitude and mind.

For some evolution is a step too far, for many religious leaders evolution is almost evil in that they can't conrtrol it and can't come to terms with modern developments and ancient scriptures because they are personally inept, dull, boring and short sightend and even frightened themselves. It's a hotch potch of personal ideologies which it shouldn't be because man is not God and shouldn't "play at being God" and make things up, which many do, and why so many suffer because of it.  Evolution takes place under our own eyes, our children grow up, get married, leave home, start new jobs, etc, a whole host of new things and how we allow that freedom to benefit us or selfishly restrict it because of reduntant and outmoded cultures and traditions that have no place anymore in today has a price to pay. We may as well get used to evolution because we are a part of it, a miniscule part and our part to play or role is what we make it, there is literally no right nor wrong but it's how we mentally assimilate it all that makes a difference.

One thing for sure that in a free world we are the masters of our destiny, if we develop for the good of mankind, for our fellow human beings we are part of the noble picture of what man does and has done for centuaries, no matter how small a part it is. It's where all modern medical science and technology is today, it's why most of us live in civilised societies and can freely communicate with others around the globe without interference, hindrance or control by those who don't possess foresight and vision. It's where equality of life strives to be better as opposed to being repressed, life moves forward and it's how we respond to it that makes the difference. Evolution is where the Middle East is waking up and where Africa is still asleep, where both of these end up is down to themselves, but wrong moves based upon religion and ideology will be more than catastrophic in what transpires, where they both are now isn't working. The Middle East has to get it right now for when the oil runs out they will have no appreciable income.

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