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It's becoming more and more common today than ever before for the press and associated media including the television to start revelling in the 'ping pong' effect of side bashing, asking comments from opposition on anything just to make a story line, more than the physical content of the story itself. Today it all seems to be predominantly publish a story then on to the next as if the last story is superfluous in every detail, which in publishing terms it usually is. Catching the glance of readers / viewers who are so used to ongoing visual flash points of information that the attention span for most people is at times equal to that of the proverbial goldfish. However within all of this lies a real element of sanity and truth, it may be fuzzy at times and it may be even hidden in subterfuge and rhetoric, yet it's there and those who have a working braincell can usually spot it through the dearth of smart prose and the writers own slant on the bias of it all. Wherever you go in life there are those who are for and against, there isn't really a "one size fits all" even if appears that at times some areas come close to it. Left V right, the good and great versus the underdog, those that do against those that don't, those that believe life is for those who work for it and those who believe others should pay for anyone who wants it, and so the endlessly sided debate continues. Those that forever begrudge success and those that do nothing and frown on those that have had a go and pulled it off, regardless of the enormity of what they have achieved. Nothing new, and it's an attitude that's here to stay, you can usually "see" who says what and why by the actual tone and stance of the vocabulary used that depicts those that say what they say. The successful are always  - or nearly always positive whilst those that live bearing grudges do just that bearing grudges as a life cause and thus cause a whole manner of negative entities within their lives.

Wherever you go in the world there is always the "left" no matter what the left is about they seem to be endlessly struggling with pushing that proverbrial "water up hill" syndrome. Seemingly too their offices are staffed with quite dull people, although not always unpleasant but can never let themselves go for fear that "enjoyment" may overcome them and then they would lose their status at being "lefties" and that would never do. But no matter which side of the fence you reside, you need something or someone to aspire to, because if you don't then there is no purpose and no point in going down that avenue. Left people have Left ideas, forever feeling threatened by their inane and often inept remarks about reality as it is, the "bigger picture" it uses terms of "them" and "they " as blanket terminology for areas of life that they either despise or have a grudge with, or is it that the "them's" and "they's" are actually successful hence they are where they are and the "Lefties" are in fact still dragging the shackles of idealism and bygone times behind and as such just can't transcend the quagmire that they are constantly stirring up for themselves. It's not that in fact the "left" are constant losers, the struggle in the Middle East and other countries to overturn religiously run zealots and unelected dynasties and families is working, and it will happen, even though in the mayhem of it all there will be enormous casualties casualties because the 'loving' ruling families don't want to give up their cosy relationship with power and money, so fighting ensues.

There is a new Left emerging in the world, one of the general populous, one that isn't focused on wealth as such nor "rights" nor anything else, it's a Left that is encompassing the general morality with regards commercial fraud, ultra smart marketing by multi-national companies, banking greed and inept regulatory bodies. Targeting weaknesses in demographics to sell more at any cost, hearing political rhetoric and knowing it's just that, sounds good but does little - and in effect it doesn't sound all that good anymore. Where unjust is becoming unacceptable and where "politically correctness" is in fact unacceptable too where "others" taking on the mantle of what can and can't be said - which is not on. Honesty like water finds its own level, reforming sentences so as not to cause offence and reduce impact is for the dull, insipid and lonely who seek attention from those they wish to protect even though they have not been asked or elected to do so. Where the words "transparent" and "motive" are required in order to validate what you have done or said as opposed to just doing it and hoping it will work.  This new Left isn't struggling by and large, nor does it have wacky ideas or illusions of what should or shouldn't be it wants to be treated fairly like a human being should be, it wants to be thought about as a person and not a statistic or number for someone to allot or apportion without emotion to a category and then forgotten. This new Left wants to enjoy designer clothes and nice houses if that's their choice, they don't want to be associated with the "roll your own fags" disheveled clothed people from the misfit left that forever outlines them as clannish groups wandering around looking for a home to associate with and complain about others.

The "New Left" are in fact quite "conservative" in many respects, upholding values and potentials and commercialism, they don't want to be associated with "old school" as that now smacks of corruptness, nepotism, divisive and engineered fraud, it stymies growth with bombastic gatekeepers holding out the exceptionally bright in favour of home grown fodder. With technology today vast areas of life including those in finance and law can be done more efficiently and 100 times faster and on time via electronic means, eradicating unnacounted time spans, grossly enhanced and smugly generated fees. Where threats by the big finance corporations pose that if their staff are pushed they will all move to another far away place - let them go, you don't think that there aren't those waiting for that to happen. After all if these irreplaceable people all died overnight would the companies close - NO - they would continue. The real freedom in the West is not dissimilar to those in the Middle East wanting to gain their say in life after what has been 'guardedly ringfenced' and held on to for years. The new left is already pupating, it's metamorphosing as we speak it's growing subliminally until the tipping point is reached and then it will by default become the "New Right" and the left will be the 'has beens' who will quietly live on the fat of their own lot and slowly be the new equivalent of the "roll your own fags"  brigade of another era.

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