Wednesday 4 May 2011


Assuming that there is nothing too weird about your mentality and the condition of your mind your ability to make good educated decisions about life should not be too difficult. Everything we do in life stems from our thought process, no matter what we do or think or copy from or create it comes from our mind, and if we implement something, then it's us that has done it, whatever that is. How we decide to put forward our thoughts and feelings differs at times quite substantially, and that is our character and thought process making itself known. We have aptitudes and intelligence levels and sometimes degrees of foresight into our next moves and the consequences of same, although some possess very little of any of these traits and just stumble by in life, such is the way it is. Even terrorism is totally pre-meditated, it's not an action based on "if they hadn't done this I would have not blown them up" which is a tendency of thought especially with mental religious people who can't think clearly nor see the bigger picture. Blowing people up / things up is a deliberate action from a deficient mind in modern humanity, they are creating a world of death not life but they can't see it as deficiency being blinded within their own thoughts and unstable religious ideals.

People in high powered jobs or public view have a tendency towards mental instability, many need to feel that "others" either want or need or respect them, something that the vast population itself neither feels nor needs other than just a few close people around them and the generality of respect, "Show business" is renowned for it's plethora of recurrent "inmates" in various clinics and rehab establishments. But it doesn't stop there, we all create our own version of life, our own reality, and that reality to us can be everything in as much as our expectations can govern our happiness, ability, daily life, aspirations and anything else we throw into the pot. If we struggle with aspirations and expectations and they are not met we can feel a lowness in life and that can lead to a feeling that we are missing out too. The irony of all of that is if our expectations and aspirations are built upon a supposition that life would / will be good when those criteria are met then we are still very likely to feel robbed or thwarted of emotional happiness if they are met because our ideal life is but a technical plan nothing more, it needs soul, love and life itself to interject to make it real.  When life goes one way and our ideals go another if we can't interlink the difference then not only does a dichotomy of thought ensue but it destabilises us to an extent that boundaries, hurdles, distances, routes and pathways to gaining ground all seem distant and loom large, it's at this point if we don't take charge of our life state we will start to lose the plot. The good news is that we can take charge, the bad news is many give up preferring to lease out their problems to others to solve for a fee and then life predominantly not only gets worse but the problems over time tend to get either better on their own or pale into insignificance and then the therapy becomes intrusive in its own way and usually the client calls it a day as they see no headway, wishing they had done that deed a long time ago. But then we are all experts of hindsight.

Supposition, idealism, illusory thoughts, highlights of others lives, comparisons, etc, and everything else we take in can form a Utopian thought process that if shattered leaves us without a back up plan, or a second version of what would make us happy. Suppose, just suppose the religion you so dearly worship even if it's a pathetic robotic worship, didn't really exist and that the God you forever hoped for will change your life, won't, because He hasn't for others because there isn't one, because the reality is that most people never experience God except for what they create in their own minds.  What tends to happen is that many look toward the material aspects of life - which can be seemingly relatively important but negate almost out of hand the social and humanitarian aspects of love, camaraderie, warmth, shared interests, friendship, person-ability, companionship, etc, and it's these feelings that hold us together through the storms. Many a person who loses the plot are without real love and friendship, even if they have at times people near and dear, they aren't as a rule that near and that dear enough to make a difference. Stability in life is paramount it governs how we think and feel and move and the quality of our decisions and above all how we cope on a daily basis. When our stability is compromised all that gets thrown into question and those that are not so robust seek help via tablets and possibly some counselling, whereas the others just knuckle down to get their act together knowing that at the end of the day they steer their ship no one else, definitely not third parties and definitely not tablets.

It's difficult at times to format life when things go wrong or aspirations seem to be waning or other outside factors come into the equation and we feel helpless to either alter or change course. But the reality is that we have many alternatives it's only us sticking to rigid thoughts and doing nothing that  perpetuates the situation and alas one can if not careful fall into a world of inner thought that leads nowhere fast. Reinventing ourselves whatever that means to each person or situation is always an option that throws greater potential our way. Re-assessing who we are and what we offer is yet another way forward, but all the way down the line we must be able to understand who we are and not still cling to yesterdays events as then life will appear to be on elastic every time we move forward we fly back into a reset position, which is not uncommon. Dwelling on the problem always negates the solution as our focus is not defined and thus opportunities and options and advantage points and ideas fly on by to those who are more receptive.

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