Monday 14 May 2012


Most people seem to have a gripe at something or another, it's not that they are predominantly moaners and groaners it's just that there is something that slightly jars with them with regards certain topics or people or evil religions forever killing or governments being weak or whatever it is. We have an opinion in life even if we choose not to vent it we still have some thoughts and it's those thoughts that subliminally fuel a whole array of feelings regarding life. Over and above this there are various levels of thought sometimes just residing there and unchecked, for example if you say to someone would you like to be more happy in life the answer is predominantly a 'yes. Then if you say to them are you unhappy they predominantly say "no", so what is it that that could make you more happy other than the bog standard answers like "more money", "new car"  whatever it is. It's usually material things which can give a degree of happiness but it's only for a fleeting moment, once you get what you want your desires move on and so it goes, a bit like the "carrot and the donkey" situation.

Wanting more or better isn't at all wrong, it's actually quite natural, but happiness hasn't really much to do with your desires it's more to do with the state of your mind, and your literal mind not something that's hypothetical and conjured up because it sounds impressive or incorporates a list of 'likes'. Life will never ever be perfect because 'man' as a race isn't perfect so we in our judgement have to decide where we are and that we are going to enjoy what we have got even if at the same time we strive for better. That way we carry happiness with us and the joy of life and it makes everything far better and we communicate far more efficiently too and have the ability to understand more proficiently at events around us that happen. There are to many stock questions stock answers, people almost automatically say "yes" if it involves more of something good or tangible, even if they can't readily think of what to do with them immediately. Similarly if you asked someone to name three important things in their lives they initially struggle even if they are married with two children. It's not that those (their partner and two children) aren't the most important things in their lives and once pointed out state "yes they are" it's the initial thought that it has to be something material that's been acquisitioned or bought or a legacy or a winning of something.

For many life isn't that bad, they know many of the global circumstances and situations are beyond their control and that their lives are in their domain no one else's so even if it could be better the current enjoyment is still there and still very tangible. How we think and our reliance on negative emotions steers our course, we are the only drivers of our vehicle called "self" or "me" so if we go out of kilter then we wander aimlessly and start to veer all over the place which in turn causes further consternation and we sail at times too close to the rocks and without any safety boat should we collide. Collectively people can do many things, like topple governments and regimes etc, but individually we have only the authority to do what is expedient for us without alienating everyone else around us and causing further problems.

Life can be good and great, life can be whatever you want it to be. Your attitude is of prime importance for that is the culmination of all your thoughts and feelings and mind set rolled into one and projected for the public to see. So if your attitude stinks so do you and no one wants to know you or help you or even bother with you for why should they if you can't meet life even half way. Do you dwell on the negative aspects of life or the positive aspects of life, because whichever one you do dwell upon will decide your course of action and your degree of self esteem. It can get habitual to see negativity and if so it will pull you down, if you tend to see the positive aspects of life, which doesn't mean you don't see or understand the negative aspects, then life will be full of hope and upliftment. The bottom line is it's your life your choice - make sure you make the decisions that serve you well otherwise you'll end up with memories of emptiness which is not what life is all about.      

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