Friday 30 March 2012


There's nothing worse than ignorance, it not only means that you don't know something but it has many subliminal effects such as insecurity, lack of confidence and lack of self esteem, etc. Of course it's impossible to know everything and it's also quite OK to be in situations in our lives because of work or circumstances that place us in crowds of people who are more proficient in subjects, areas or a modus operadi than we are, it's just the way it is. There's also nothing wrong with saying "I don't know" either, it's far better than moving forward with others who "do know" and you getting all upset within and trying to fob off everyone with what little you do know or worse still avoiding or evading direct answers so as to show you really don't know. Most people respond well to honesty, if you say you don't know they are more than happy to enlighten you and in fact are quite flattered at times that you have had the openness and decency to admit to them that fact and ask them what it is you don't know, even if it's just a potted version answer you are after to tie you through.

Of course perceptions, intelligence, arrogance, ego, inferiority, stupidity, etc, all play a part in our questioning, but no matter how stupid a question  may seem or ill thought out, to the person asking it it means a great deal otherwise they wouldn't have asked it. And more often than not it's not the highly technical questions that need similar answers those are not the most important ones, it's those niggly little questions that need short answers are the ones that trip us up the most. It can all be too easy to assume an air of superiority when those in your presence are lost as to what you are talking about or can't compute what you've said to what you deem is a logical conclusion, that is in effect a failing of yourself not the other party. Humility and a gross understanding of the bigger picture is what makes some people excel and others stagnate and even fragment in their own version of reality. Those who forever seek or strive at all costs over and above everyone else are those who command least respect. Those who strive because of the desire to attain more knowledge in what they do are far more human and have an ability to communicate with those all around at any level and treat everyone with respect because the alternative isn't of value.

We need as individuals to have all sorts of questions answered daily that we ponder over or cause us a degree of consternation. It's not the "meaning of life" questions - although that wouldn't go amiss, it's the things that stop us in our tracks such as why has my PC suddenly done that, or I can't access this, or which button do I press or where is 'whatever', and whilst the answer may be easy if we are also at a loss as to find where to ask or who to ask it becomes a real tough cookie and we get well and truly frustrated. Answering a question too is a skill as some haven't the ability to proficiently state clearly and precisely what it is they have been asked, leaving the recipient even more frustrated confused and at times even angry towards everything to do with it. Banks are like that in that they'll answer your query then try and bombard you with endless financial products or review your account or whatever it is and want to pass you on to the household insurance division or some other cretin that you don't even care about.

The Internet is a wild card when it comes to Q and A's, even market research companies want your FREE input, it's basically free, offering a chance to win £250 or an Amazon book token, which is peanuts compared to what the real cost of such information would normally cost. Every question no matter what has a reason behind it, some are far reaching in what the consensus of opinions state others are solitary and pertinent to just that person at that time in that situation and after that it's all redundant information. Our ability to continue needs to have questions answered it's a very important aspect of our lives, as we are met every day with new events and especially if one travels around the world the quantity of questions that one needs answering is amazingly high even if previous savvy makes finding the answers relatively easy. Whatever it is in life we need to know, not the nosey stuff about others lives or celebrity transgressions that's dribble for the dribble minded, but real factual stuff that makes our pathway that much smoother, life more enjoyable and gives us a greater presence in life itself. We must never be afraid to ask a question, and if respect is in order we will get a civil answer, if we get otherwise it says more about the idiot that has answered you that the validity of your question.

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